A Month of Rubbish

I decided that the easiest way to reduce my rubbish output (non-recyclable) was to first find out exactly what I was throwing away……. so I make a survey of my rubbish output (minus kitchen rubbish as I thought I’d start by reducing my toiletries).

Cotton buds (with plastic rod): 65

Sweet wrappers: 52

Cellophane: 19

Cellotape: 4

Hair bundle: 10

Biscuit wrapper: 33

Fabric: 4

Pens: 11

Pencil: 1

Plaster: 2

Sharpenings (from full sharpener): 2

Finger/toe nails: 11

Hair tie: 2

Plastic spoon or fork: 28

Polystyrene cup: 8

Envelope window: 6

Misc plastic: 13

Metal packaging: 2

Plastic packaging: 26

Staples: 45

Cotton ball: 13

Crisp wrapper: 8

Tablet packet: 7

Travel ticket: 1

Plastic bottle: 3

Plastic cup: 3

Carrier bag: 3

Aerosol can: 1

Make up remover wipe: 4

I was amazed by how much rubbish I accumulate that is non-recyclable, especially items that have alternatives – such as metal cutlery rather than disposable forks/spoons. My next task…..  to find alternatives to as many items as possible!


One thought on “A Month of Rubbish

  1. I commend you for analyzing your trash; that really helped me when I started my zero-waste journey. Throwing stuff away is like a reflex we just do and we don’t realize how much we accumulate. Good on you!


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