For a few years I have been purchasing bus/train travel cards to get to work, and every single time I purchased one, the excess plastic made me start to wonder. Any travel card valid for more than one day (whether it’s for a bus or a train) has a paper ticket with a plasticised photo card. The photo card tends to be paper, with a plastic sticky sheet over the top to keep the photo in place.

This is supposed to make it more durable, so I decided to test that theory and successfully kept a paper day pass in my purse for over five weeks without a cover for it.

If all travel passes had a printed photograph on the paper pass and purchased a durable (non-plastic) card holder for tickets over a month, it would reduce the amount of waste produced.

Until that time, I see no alternative but to throw away the photo cards after use. I have even tried to peel the plastic from the paper, ending up with tiny pieces of paper and a big mess!


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