Household Storage Items

Recently I have been getting into a (very late) Spring cleaning session. This has involved tidying away all the junk as well as looking into buying items that I can store my excess bits and bobs that don’t fit in cupboards, or that take up a lot of room on the shelves by themselves.

I didn’t realise how hard this would be to try and complete with a “plastic free” ideology. Many of the bins and drawers have plastic lids or plastic runners (for the drawers) or are covered in plastic wrappings.

I had to visit a number of stores before I found some that only had a plastic sticker on the item.

Digital Camera

Digital Camera

I still have a large “wish list” of items I am trying to find that have alternatives from plastic, but I am hopeful that I will get there eventually – it’s just a matter of time to find the secret places that stock items such as these.


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