Alternatives to condiments (Guacamole)

I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to buy condiments without plastic packaging. They seem to all be in the plastic squeezy bottles, with a few available readily in glass jars (mayonnaise) and a rare few only available in glass jars if you really search (tomato ketchup).

Having not been able to find guacamole in a glass jar (and having a fajita evening coming up) I decided to try my hand at doing my own, although not expecting much to come out of it……

…. but success!

I managed to follow an easy recipe which included a small amount of pepper, onion and tomato (all of which I can get without packaging at my local grocers). As well as, of course, the avocados (also available without packaging at my local grocers).

It was quick and easy to make, and package free! Will definitely be doing this again!

I apologise for the lack of amounts – I tend to add in what I think looks OK. This recipe is for 2 servings of guacamole 🙂


Onion (small amount)

Tomato (1 small cherry tomato)

Pepper (small amount)


1 tbsp lemon juice

1tsp mayonnaise


  1. Cut the avocado in half, de-stone and spoon out the insides
  2. Mash the avocado into a paste using either a mortar and pestle or a bowl and fork
  3. Dice up the pepper, tomato, and onion and add to the avocado paste
  4. Add the lemon juice and mayonnaise and mix thoroughly

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