A plastic free food shop

I’ve now been attempting to shop plastic free for nearly a month, and the hardest part has definitely been finding plastic free food items. I still haven’t managed to find some items without plastic (e.g. milk, hot chocolate, gravy powder, herbs, salt, condiments and beans/lentils/rice/pasta).

Even when items come in cardboard tubs, the lid is still plastic, and although I know that glass bottled milk can be found in some areas, there are areas where the milk man brings plastic bottles anyway (and in my area I can’t get milk from a milkman). Even though I have a salt and pepper shaker (not plastic) I still need to buy the bulk packs to top them up, which are always plasticised.

These things seemed to be A LOT easier to source plastic free when I was living in African countries. Milk was always in glass bottles (if available at all), while items such as hot chocolate, salt, herbs, pasta, rice and beans were found in every market (run in every town twice a week) and people brought their own storage containers to buy items by the 100g. I’ve been looking everywhere for somewhere local(ish) which would allow me to do this. But, alas, have reached a dead end.


All the health retailers, and local producers now package their products, and the food markets do not seem to stock this type of food.


On the plus side, I’ve found that bread, cheese, butter, fruit and veg are very very easily sourced plastic free at farmers markets, food markets and local stores (bakeries and veg stores). They are always very friendly and when I mention that I don’t require plastic bags they often offer me paper ones (which is brilliant as I use these for containing my compostable food waste). Definitely a HUGE step forward in enabling me to fullfill my journey!


2 thoughts on “A plastic free food shop

  1. Hi, am doing similar things to you and I am in Australia on the Gold Coast. I was wondering where you live. It is interesting as the experience seems the similar..maybe you are just down the road 🙂 I can get cheese and butter from my markets along with fruit and veg plastic free, but have difficulty with pasta in particular which is always packaged. The most difficult is bathroom products, some of which I can buy in bulk from my health food store, but have to bring my own glass. Good luck on your journey. 🙂

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    1. Hi, I’m in the UK, Cornwall. 🙂 It’s amazing that we’re finding the same things difficult. I still have trouble with bathroom products, but we have a shop here called “Lush” which stocks a few things plastic free, however I’m still at a loss for the majority of toiletries (especially shampoo).
      Food wise my biggest issues are pasta, rice and beans. I’d like to buy dried beans, but end up buying tinned beans because of the lack of plastic!
      Good luck to you too! Let me know if you find any solutions 😀


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