Plastified Easter Eggs

As with many holidays, Easter has become increasingly commercialised, which unfortunately seems to also mean that it becomes increasingly plastic based.

For the past few years, I have been shocked to find so much unnecessary plastic packaging on chocolate Easter eggs, not only including the windows into the box (which normally only show a foiled wrapped egg), but also the plastic bags in which little eggs are placed in, all of which are individually wrapped anyway. Along with this, a lot of the decorations used for Easter are also plastic, such as fake plastic eggs, plastic grass (to fill plastic Easter baskets) plastic bunting, plastic flowers, plastic wreaths, plastic chicks and plastic lambs. All of this could be replaced with non-plastic items:

  • Fake plastic eggs can be replaced with painted egg shells (drained of the yolk)
  • Fake plastic grass in plastic Easter baskets can be replaced with tissue paper in woven wooden, or fabric baskets

  • Plastic bunting can be swapped with fabric bunting (giving a variety of different colours and patterns)

  • Plastic flowers replaced with real flowers
  • Plastic wreaths replaced with handmade foliage wreaths
  • And plastic chicks and lambs replaced with soft toys depicting the same animals.


I was, therefore, ecstatically excited to find a selection of eggs this year that were packaged without plastic. The boxes were cardboard, as was the packaging inside the boxes, with the eggs individually wrapped in foil.

Although there are still a huge number of plastically packaged Easter eggs, it is definitely a major step forward for some of these companies to decide to package differently.

Hopefully, people will notice this and choose Easter eggs without the plastic packaging…. alternatively, you could always make your own.

I have always found that a handmade gift is a lot more thoughtful than a purchased gift, and also gives the freedom to personalise it (i.e. with the person’s favourite chocolate, or with their favourite sweets inside). The mini-chocolates can also be molded at home too, with rabbit, chick and egg molds available to purchase and reuse year after year.



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